Moon Doll Boutique a fashion emporium – via our social media and various online outlets, we are a place for you to shop and share your creative thoughts and pick up on new trends and style ideas. A fluffy, creative eye perspective. An outpost for curious divergent thinkers who appreciate art and inspiration from a wide mix of sources. Updated regularly, inspiration drawn from - and relevant to - the larger creative world.

Moon Doll Boutique is filled with kitsch collectable pieces; sourced regularly from all around the world, we stock hand crafted and bespoke creations. Specialising in minimal stock of each item so that you can create an individual style of your own. 

We have four different styles in Moon Doll Boutique and here is a little breakdown of what each section means.

Maharani: An ethnic cultural collection of an old Indian era. Goddess like in all that shimmers with bright Bollywood colours and dark golden tones.

Shibuya: Inspired by the Japanese district in Tokyo, expect cute, kitch and kawaii. 

Miss Marshmallow: Pretty in pinks and soft pastels. A taste for sweet sugary fairytales and fluffy white marshmallows.

Retro Parade: Something old, timeless or a classic. Reminisce in nostalgia of fashion from the yesteryears 

Four very different styles translating through wardrobes and transcending through generations. Now which one are you?

We shoot, we design, we customise and create exclusively for you. 

Get in touch via and find us on Instagram @themoondoll for more of our boutique items you can find us on Etsy